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Strada Ilarie Chendi

09:00 – 17:00

Monday to Friday

Strada Ilarie Chendi


Our mission echoes the „ethos” of the organisation: „summoning the churches and the civil society for a common response to social problems in Romanian society”. Lead by our mission statement, our objectives are built towards the Inter-Christian and inter-religious Commission, conferences and consultations, ecumenical prayers, lay and ecumenical youth formation.

By our GOAL, we promote the social inclusion of marginalized people, we empower the social reintegration of high-risk persons, equal opportunities, and the fight against human trafficking, and discrimination. We offer assistance to refugees and migrants seeking integration in Romania and we have an emergency response in case of disasters. We strengthen ecumenical and inter-ethnic cooperation for peace and stability in order to alleviate segregation in multi-ethnic communities and ensure respect for human rights.

We are here to help, being guided by our compass that has a strong foundation: our VALUES. We believe in, diversity, inclusion, rights, empowering, and dignity for all.

“Churches, in mutual respect, acting together in Christian faith for social justice, human dignity and integrity of creation.”

AIDRom Multifunctional Centres for Counselling of persons of high risk from Bucharest, Iasi and Timisoara, as well as the shelters for migrants opened by AIDRom, follow the prompting of the Bible.

I was a stranger and you took Me in (Matthew 25:35)


In accordance with the 2018-2023 Strategy, approved by the General Assembly, our Organization promotes the visible unity, dialogue, and common confession of the Churches in Romania, opening the way to the establishment of a climate of cooperation with the State Institutions, as well as with traditional partners from abroad.

Through its programs, AIDRom and its partners carry out activities in various areas of public interest such as:

– social services: multifunctional counseling centers (Iași, Bucharest, Timișoara), reintegration of social groups in risk situations: victims of human trafficking, unemployed, migrants.

– socio-professional services: reintegration into the labor market, vocational training;

– provision of social, psychological, and legal services in the field of migration

AIDRom supports, coordinates, and facilitates long-term sustainable development activities and has an immediate reaction when a humanitarian crisis occurs.

AIDRom’s teams provide humanitarian assistance to Ukrainian refugees at the border with Romania

AIDRom helps the Ukrainian refugees at the Romanian entry points offering humanitarian assistance, transportation and accommodation, food, hygiene products, clothes and aid-tickets.

In managing this crisis of Ukrainian refugees, AIDRom was able to provide emergency assistance with the support of church members, and international organizations, which provided funds, donations, and sponsorships.

 The AIDRom teams and their partners, ACT Alliance, Diakonia Katastrophenhilfe Diakonia Austria and the Danish Refugee Council, are involved in helping refugees in Șomcuta Mare, Rădăuți, Iași, Bucharest and Isaccea.

Our help is possible due to the support of our donors: Romanian Lutheran Church, Diakonie Katastrophenhilfe Germany, Diakonie Katastrophenhilfe Austria, Evangelisch-Lutherische Landeskirche Sachsens, Blue Heron Foundation, Romanian Rugby Federation. Nowero Rupea Humanitarian Association, Octav Onicescu National College, I.N. Technical College of Architecture and Public Works, Socolescu, the Union of Ukrainians in Romania, the Food Bank.

We are all here to help!

Find here official and useful information on temporary protection in Roumania for displaced persons from Ukraine.


Our projects serve our main objectives: promoting the social inclusion of marginalized people; women’s empowerment for social reintegration, human rights and equal opportunities, the fight against risks and discrimination, and assistance of refugees and migrants seeking integration in Romania as well as emergency response in case of disasters.

Since 2012, AIDRom has implemented over 40 projects with European funding, or from international organizations (European Commission, General Inspectorate for Immigration, UNHCR Romania, Norwegian Funds, etc.). These projects provide assistance for asylum seekers, refugees, migrants, victims of human trafficking, and people in difficulty. As well, we run research projects-Erasmus.

During all these years, we assisted over 25,000 of beneficiaries who received counseling services and social and legal assistance, material assistance, emergency assistance, medical assistance, etc.


AIDRom’s projects and activities are supported by the financiers and partners with whom we collaborate. With their support, we are here to help!