What do you need to know? Information for Ukrainian refugees

Find here official and useful information on temporary protection in Roumania for displaced persons from Ukraine.

AIDRom is here to help since the beginning of the Ukrainian refugee crisis

Since the beginning of the Ukrainian refugee crisis, AIDRom is helping, being involved in refugee management by providing a complex system of emergency assistance, both at border crossings, in accommodation centers, and in various locations.

In April 2022, AIDRom applied for the ACT -UKR221 Call and is considering providing a complex assistance system designed to facilitate the integration of more than 2,000 Ukrainian refugees into Romania. The system involves providing counseling and social and legal information, social assistance (social vouchers for food, hygiene, and drugs), providing medical consultations, subsidizing costs for participation in the national education system, support in accessing the labor market, cultural integration, creating an inter-institutional network between authorities and NGOs for a period of 1 year.

Since June 2022, AIDRom contributes through its projects to the integration of refugees in Ukraina.

Church response to refugees, “I’m seeing the image of God in you”

The Ukrainian crisis called for prompt responses, and churches were among the first responders. Especially in such moments, “our goal is to bring the churches together to work in a diaconal way”, says Elena Timofticiuc, Secretary General of AIDRom – the Ecumenical Association of Churches in Romania. Her statement comes after of a visit by a joint delegation of the World Council of Churches (WCC) and the ACT Alliance to Hungary, Romania and Ukraine in March 2022.

The members of the delegation showed that finding accommodation for refugee families remains a challenge, but also that people can prove necessary and appreciable acts of humanity in this context: “you see people treating refugees with so much respect” – Prof. Dr. Isabel Apawo Phiri, Deputy General Secretary of the WCC

Peter Prove, the director of international affairs of the WCC, is impressed by “the reception and extraordinary hospitality that I saw in Romania and in Hungary”.

Rudelmar Bueno de Faria, Secretary General of the ACT Alliance, stated that “I saw a lot of solidarity, involvement and support from the people affected by this disaster”.

Thorsten Göbel, Program Director of the ACT Alliance, was inspired by the strong local response from the churches and emphasized their need for information and legal assistance, spiritual and psycho-social support.

Ionuț Lucian Zota, social worker AIDRom, highlighted that currently, people are most in need of information: “they need to know where to stay here for a few days, or how to get to western countries”. “Some of them need help to find a job, to find food,” he said. “They are happy to receive hope but you don’t solve their problems—their minds and their hearts are over there, in Ukraine.

ACT Alliance, WCC delegation visits Hungary, Ukraine and Romania with a focus on humanitarian needs, church response

A delegation from the World Council of Churches (WCC) and the ACT Alliance visited Hungary, Ukraine and Romania, from March 14-18, focusing on humanitarian needs and the church’s response. The delegation included the Secretary General of the WCC, Prof. Dr. Isabel Apawo Phiri, the Director of the Commission for International Affairs of the WCC, Peter Prove, as well as Rudelmar Bueno de Faria, Secretary General of the ACT Alliance.

Together with AIDRom representatives, the delegation visited the border crossing points between Ukraine and Romania, learning current information about the needs of refugees.

The delegation was received by HE Iustin, the Bishop of Maramureș and Sătmar, who presented the dynamic and collaborative position of the Romanian Orthodox Church, actively involved in the reception, accommodation and transit of Ukrainian refugees.

His Eminence Iustin explained to them that the Romanian Orthodox Church is very dynamically and actively involved in the reception and in taking Christian care of all those crossing the border into Romania, whether they stay or transition freely on the way to western countries. The Ukrainian refugees are provided with medicines, food, clothes, accommodation or guidance to destinations.

WCC deputy general secretary,Prof. Dr. Isabel Apawo Phiri, said that meeting with refugees and those helping them was a sharp reminder of the appalling and escalating impact of the conflict in Ukraine on civilians. “The women, men and children of Ukraine are suffering from what appears to be ongoing indiscriminate attacks,” she said. “Hospitals, schools, kindergartens and residential areas—refugees are pouring forth from these spaces with firsthand stories of deep trauma.”

Peter Prove, director of the WCC Commission of the Churches on International Affairs ,  said that, as international humanitarian law continues to be disregarded, civilians are bearing the brunt of the conflict. “It is deeply disturbing to witness the effects of what may constitute war crimes and crimes against humanity,” said Prove. “Humanitarian aid groups and churches are unified in calling for a ceasefire and negotiations to end this tragic conflict”.

🇺🇦📣Appeal to all citizens of Romania and the EU, regarding the terrifying situation in Ukraine – REFUGEES NEED HUMANITARIAN AID, URGENTLY!

✅At the moment, the AIDRom Association has mobilized teams, on the borders with Ukraine,  who work in the field 24 hours a day and who provide refugees with food, hygiene and other basic products, such as blankets and clothes. The donations, made available, were offered by the traditional partners of the association, from abroad, as well as from the country (Archdiocese of Suceava and Radauti – Archdiocese of Suceava and Radauti, Food Bank, local companies, CocoRico, Sense- Inspired by nature)
👥However, the number of people heading to the Romanian border is growing. That is why we call on your help to support the Ukrainian refugees fleeing the war.
✅All donations are coordinated by the Ecumenical Association of Churches in Romania AIDRom and are distributed to accommodation centers and in areas where refugee camps are installed.
Ecumenical Association of Churches from Romania—AIDRom
Bucharest, Ilarie Chendi 14 Street, Sector 2, Romania
CIF: 5197532
Bank Unicredit Tiriac – Unirea Branch
Bank address: Piaţa Unirii nr. 1, tronson A+B, sector 3, Bucharest Romania
IBAN RON:   RO47 BACX 0000 0030 0467 7000
IBAN EUR:   RO09 BACX 0000 0030 0467 7005
IBAN USD:   RO20 BACX 0000 0030 0467 7001
IBAN CHF:   RO90 BACX 0000 0030 0467 7002
Or, contact us at the number to find out other ways to financially support vulnerable people.


 Executiv Secretary, Elena Timofticiuc-AIDRom

Letter from president BROT FUR DIE WELT

Download here:


🔵AidRom team managed to fill a truck, which will reach Odessa❗️

👏In this way we thank the aidrom sponsors, who participated in this action.

We managed to send to the victims of the war in Ukraine, everything that was requested by the MDical staff in Odessa:
🌱non-perishable food
🌱hygiene products
🌱products for children and babies
🌱textiles: blankets, duvets, sleeping bags and sleeping items
All this effort was possible thanks to the financial support offered by the churches in Romania and Europe:

🔸Lutheran Church Romanian
🔸Diakonie Katastrophenhilfe Germany,
🔸Diakonie Katastrophenhilfe Austria
🔸Evangelisch-Lutherische Landeskirche Sachsens

as well as humanitarian organisations and public institutions:
🔸The Union of Ukrainians in Romania.
🔸Blue Heron Foundation
🔸Romanian Rugby Federation
🔸Nowero Rupea Humanitarian Association
🔸Octav Onicescu National College
🔸Technical College of Architecture and Public Works I.N. Socolescu
🔸The Union of Ukrainians in Romania.

🙏We thank all our donors for making this shipment possible!

With God’s help, we hope nothing will stand in the way of this transport and reach the people who need these donations!🙏


Refugees from Ukraine


‼️ПРОЦЕДУРА НАДАННЯ ПРИТУУЛКУ В РУМУНИИ1.Після звернення за захистом вас сфотографують та візмуть відбутки пальцев. Ваши відбутки пальців будуть зареєстроваі в системи ЕУРОДАК.Ви отримаєте тимчасовий документ, що посвідчує особу.2. Ви маєте право на допомогу юридичного радника (НУО), представника УВКБ ООН, за запитом, від моменту подання клопотання про надання притулку до отримання рішення. Ця підтримка безкоштовна! Ви також маєте право на допомогу обраного адвоката (якому ви будете платити)3. IGI призначить вас на попередню співбесіду та співбесіду, щоб визначити потребу в захисті. Важливо взяти участь у двох інтерв’ю та чесно відповісти на всі запитання!4. IGI повідомить вас про рішення щодо клопотання про надання притулку.Якщо ви не згодні з рішенням IGI, ви маєте право подати скаргу (яку ви подаєте до IGI або до компетентного суду)._ протягом 10 днів з дня повідомлення (звичайна процедура) або_ протягом 7 днів з дати повідомлення (прискорена / прикордонна процедура)5. Суд, уповноважений розглянути скаргу (суд), повідомить вас (за вказаним місцем проживання) про дату, коли ви повинні з’явитися в судове засідання6. Ви маєте право на безкоштовну юридичну допомогу для забезпечення свого захисту, допомогу, яку можуть надати:_юрисконсульт (CNRR) або_адвокат, призначений судом_ви також можете попросити допомоги у обраного адвоката (якому вам доведеться заплатити)7. Якщо скаргу буде відхилено судом у звичайному порядку, ви маєте право подати апеляційнускаргу (яку ви подаєте до IGI або до суду, який виніс вирок, який ви оскаржуєте), протягом 5 днів з дня проголошення вироку. .мотивувати його протягом 10 днів з дня повідомлення судового рішення. Суд, уповноважений розглядати скаргу (виший суд), виносить остаточне рішення.8. Якщо скарга відхилена судом, рішення про відмову залишається без змін у прискореній/прикордонній процедурі, вирок суду є остаточним.9. У разі прийняття остаточного рішення про відхилення клопотання про надання притулку в звичайній процедурі, ви зобов’язані виїхати з Румунії протягом 15 днів. У разі прискореної/прикордонної процедури ви зобов’язані залишити країну, як тільки буде завершена процедура надання притулку. завершено.

Refugees from Ukraine


“I wonder what’s left in our country!? I took a few things in my bag and the memories in my soul. I feel like I’ve missed a lot…. I have many gaps that will no longer be able to be covered!”
AIDRom teams, mobilized in Radauti, are on the ground 24 hours a day and provide humanitarian assistance to all persons seeking temporary protection in Romania.
Ethe teams distributed the donations sent by the AIDRom partners and by the local companies and offered transport from the border to the accommodations of the Romanian families, who made their homes available to the Ukrainian neighbors.
Hot food, snacks, food, clothing, blankets and other basic products are continuously distributed.
We are deeply grateful and we thank our employees, who make every effort to support the people in need, the partners in the country and abroad, as well as the Romanian citizens who sent donations.



The AIDRom team from Radauti went to milishauti commune, where more than 300 people of Indian origin are accommodated, who left the territory of Ukraine.
We thank our colleagues, for the megalithic effort, as well as the sponsors!

Diakonie Katastrophenhilfe

Today, March 17, 2022, the members of the AIDRom delegations, Diakonie Katastrophenhilfe, went to The Isaccea Customs.
The purpose of the visit is related to the current emergencies of the local teams, but also to the way in which the effects of this humanitarian crisis, arising as a result of the war in Ukraine, will be solved.

Diakonie Katastrophenhilfe

Our colleague, Silvia, together with the delegation from Diakonie Katastrophenhilfe were received in The Sculeni Customs by our colleague, Ionut Zota, whom we thank very much for all the support!



Isaccea Customs
The AIDRom team continuously distributes blankets, food, drinking water, and other necessary products.

Among those who chose to help with the arrangement of the new reception space in Vama Sculeni, there are also Tunisian students, who study at faculties in Iasi. This was their way of thanking them for the support shown by our association.

Information and support point in Sculeni Customs

Information and support point in Sculeni Customs

Isaceea border


The AIDRom team is waiting for the disembarkation of over 700 refugees from Ukraine, in order to provide humanitarian assistance.


Листівка => Безкоштовні послуги, які пропонуються українським громадянам з точки зору інтеграції на ринок праці Румунії

Листівка => Безкоштовні послуги, які пропонуються українським громадянам з точки зору інтеграції на ринок праці Румунії

Stânceni-Botoşani border

Diakonie Katastrophenhilfe in Stânceni border-Botoşani.

Refugees from Ukraine


More than 700 people arrived on March 3rd, in Vama Isaccea. Waves of refugees continue to reach customs. Our colleagues from Galați provide humanitarian assistance. Cold and blizzards are a great impediment. Noteworthy is the huge number of children and elderly people.

Hover Box Element

AIDRom sends a truck with helpers to Odessa

It was fill and sent, a truck with humanitarian aid requested by doctors in Odessa.

8 March

🐞Happy Birthday, brave mums and women, from all over the world!💐

Blue Heron Foundation

Announcement-Help for refugees from Ukraine

AIDRom announces the beginning of the collaboration with the Blue Heron Foundation, an active foundation in Romania for 20 years and in the Republic of Moldova for 7 years, the focus of the activity being the granting of university scholarships to institutionalized young people. In the context of the crisis in Ukraine, the organization will support the AIDRom team in providing direct humanitarian assistance to those who arrive in Romania from conflict zones.
Thank you, Blue Heron!

AIDRom-Hey Rup teams to help Ukrainian refugees


Our colleague, Ionuț Zota (AIDRom, CRI Iasi) together with the president of the Union of Ukrainians in Romania, Iasi branch, Mr. Hrihorciuc Victor, with the support of the Archdiocese of Iasi, left for Siret with products necessary for the people who fled the war (hygiene products, blankets, etc.). They were greeted by our colleagues from Radauti and together they gave a helping hand to those in need.

Refugees of Indian origin, staying in a high school in Ilfov


The AIDRom Bucharest team distributed packages with food and other basic products to people of Indian origin, who left Ukraine and took refuge in Romania. They were accommodated, within a gym, in Ilfov County

Anniversary of a woman who fled Ukraine


The AIDRom team from Şomcuta Mare celebrated the birthday of a woman refugee from Ukraine.
The lady in the picture is a Ukrainian citizen and turned 54 yesterday. With a bent heart and fear, she put in her bag what she had most valuable, and set off for Romania without even knowing if she would be able to return to her country. The AIDRom team through small gestures brings a drop of hope in their lives to each person.

Gratitude of the partners for the effort made by AIDRom


“With the vulnerable!”
We continue today to carry out the information activities on the prevention of trafficking in persons, at the headquarters of the Refugee Center in Rădăuţi, together with ipj Suceava and AIDRom Romania.
We thank the team #AIDRom involved in providing humanitarian assistance to Ukrainian refugees, the border with Romania! National Agency Against Trafficking in Persons | Facebook

Donations- Humanitarian Foundation NOWERO

Donations to refugees

The Humanitarian Association NOWERO from Rupea, donated for AIDRom, sleeping bags and food packages, which will be sent, across the border to Ukraine, to come to the aid of the Ukrainians who remained trapped in the middle of the war.
Thank you, for all your support! It means a lot!

Information-refugee session Ukraine

Information in CRCPSA Bucharest

In poza alăturată, este colega noastră (echipa AIDRom București) oferind informații unor femei din Ucraina, care au ajuns în București și doreau să știe ce presupune procedura de azil, pe teritoriul României, care sunt organizațiile dispuse să ajute refugiații din Ucraina, cât și despre locurile de cazare disponibile. Au fost puse la dispoziție și materiale informative tipărite.

Isaccea Border- 7 March 2022

Humanitarian assistance in Isaccea Customs

Isaceea Customs- Our colleagues are on the ground and provide information, food and other basic products.
The weather is unfriendly and the most painful thing is that children come, who have waited, together with their parents, for more than 2 days at the border, to enter Romania. They stayed in the cold, in the rain, in the sleet, and yet, somewhere, in the corner of the mouth, an infantile smile can be seen.

Donation - Humanitarian Foundation NOWERO

Donations to refugees in Ukraine

The Humanitarian Association NOWERO from Rupea, donated for AIDRom, sleeping bags and food packages, which will be sent, across the border to Ukraine, to come to the aid of the Ukrainians who remained trapped in the middle of the war.
Thank you, for all your support! It means a lot!

Donations - Bucharest Food Bank

Donations to refugees in Ukraine

Our colleague was at the Neghinita Center, Bucharest, to distribute products to refugees of Indian origin, who left the territory of Ukraine because of the armed conflict.
Thank you, The Food Bank, for your support!